Ios app? Taskmator?

What ios app works well with FoldingText? Is Taskmator at the top of the list? Others?

For my uses, Editorial tops the list. I’ve managed to find Editorial workflows that replicate some of the functionality of my most used FT plugins. Taskmator is a close second, with a very responsive developer in support.

Thanks @JSLR. For either app, do you have to change the extentions in either to .txt, and if so is there a setting somewhere to do that?

Do you want to work with taskpaper lists or with markdown? I have Editorial, there’s a mode for taskpaper and for markdown. You don’t have to change the extensions to .txt, but you can set .txt files to be treated as containing markdown. You can also do a bunch of things with Python scripting. I don’t have Taskmator but I don’t think it’s meant for editing markdown. An advantage I know it has over Editorial is that you can tag list items to be converted to entries, which you can’t do in Editorial without a script.

Great question, Daniel. I should have answered that up front. I want to view and edit FoldingText files on my iPhone, and ideally have them seamlessly “sync” via iCloud so they are always there regardless of if I’m on my computer or my phone.

Mh well FoldingText does Markdown and tagged lists similar to TaskPaper and a bunch of other cool stuff all in one program, but basically in Editorial you’ll have to decide between Markdown and Taskpaper mode for individual files

Anyway if you only want to edit lists (probably not, otherwise you’d use TaskPaper on Mac OS … right?) you can get something like Taskmator but otherwise I’d say go with Editorial which can do both

(Since FoldingText and TaskPaper files are just plain text files you can use whatever text editor on iOS to view and edit them as long as the editor doesn’t mind non .txt extensions, or you could just save your files as .txt in the first place. Though of course if you want syntax highlighting etc. you’ll want to use something like Editorial. Also syncing isn’t a problem though I’m using Dropbox and not iCloud for this)

You can switch syntax mode for documents in Editorial via the Quick Settings screen (tap the dropdown on a document’s title in the main editor, then tap the “Aa” button).

Editorial also does folding of project/headers. As Daniel suggests, Taskmator’s more closely aligned with Taskpaper; Editorial does handles taskpaper functionality and so much more— it’s a pretty decent environment for getting writing (and any other text based productivity) done on iOS. If you’ve started to play around with any FT plugins/scripts, there’s a reasonably good chance that you’ll be able to find a comparable Editorial workflow to keep your set-up somewhat consistent across devices.