Linking in Windows environment

Continuing the discussion from FoldingText for Atom – 0.7.0:

I played around a bit more with this. Works fine in OS X.
It’s not working correctly in Windows. There are two issues I think, one with creating links and one with the pathname.

In Windows 7 I cannot create links with drag-and-drop within documents or between documents. Holding down CTRL on the drop doesn’t create a link, it just moves the line. I’ve tried variations of the modifier keys but no luck so far. I couldn’t find an associated key command to try and work around that. The drag and drop works fine, just not the linking.

I did setup links between documents in OS X and then tried using them in Windows 7. Here’s what I found:

When I click on a link between documents it doesn’t take me to an existing document but instead creates a new document (that’s where the “*” was coming into play on my last post…it wasn’t appending that to the file name, it was opening a new, unsaved document).

The new document is empty and I’ve confirmed it has no impact on the actual linked document at all.

The path displayed at the bottom of the Atom window is not the correct path but instead reads:

Since this isn’t a valid path it appears to be opening a new document named after the linked file.

I get an error when trying to save the new file:
“Unable to save file ‘C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\atom\atom-1.0.0’ EEXIST: file already exists, mkdir ‘C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\atom\app-1.0.0’”

When I use the Context menu Edit Link or Copy Link the value is the same as it is in the OS X version. In both cases the link starts with the filename, not the full path.

If I choose to Open Link with Explorer I get an error with an incorrectly formed path name:
“Windows cannot find ‘\C::\Users\username\Dropbox\Work\filename.ftml’”

Show Link in Explorer doesn’t open anything, presumably because of the incorrectly formed path.

I’ll add this to the github page but thought I’d post here as well in case anyone is seeing different behavior in a version of Windows.

Links internal to a document and links between documents work just fine in Windows with the new build (0.7.1).