Links to anchors within FT2 doc

Can someone please remind me how to form internal references, please? Did a quick search and can’t find anything.

I’ve tried the following from

An oft-requested feature was the ability to have Markdown automatically handle within- document links as easily as it handled external links. To this aim, I added the ability to interpret [Some Text][] as a cross-link, if a header named “Some Text” exists.

…to no avail. Apologies if I’ve missed an earlier thread of conversation about this. Thanks in advance.

Unless I’m forgetting something FoldingText doesn’t have any built in support for this. But the general strategy for internal links in HTML is to use anchors. So for example to create a link to the heading

# one

You could use this [my link to one](#one) … assuming that the tool you are using to create the HTML generates an ID for the “one” heading. I don’t think most markdown tools do this by default, but Mutlimarkdown composer does seem to.

Thanks Jesse. That doesn’t work within an FT document does it? Just tried, and rather than shifting focus to the anchor, it pops open a browser window pointed at “localhost/#one”…

Right, I don’t think FoldingText has any built in support for that. To create links within your document you can use node paths… but there’s currently no way to export them to HTML for example. But to create a node path link you would:

  1. Type the node path in your document. For example one///*
  2. Select the node path text
  3. Choose Edit > Run Command > Link Node Path

Aha. Node paths. Yes. Tried your example, couldn’t get it to work as a link (though I got it to work via Applescript). Then I was reminded of Complexpoint’s FTCopyAsURL plugin, which seems to do what I need. Unless anything’s changed significantly since that plugin was last updated (11 months ago?) I reckon I’ll be happy with this.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!