Managing To do's between FT and iOS

I’m curious about how others are managing FoldingText files on other platforms (like iOS). I have been creating documents with .todo blocks mixed with more conventional text sections. These files are certainly readable in most iOS plain text editors, but I’m wondering if other folks have found interesting workflows to manage things.

For instance, I’ve been experimenting with adding a colon after headings, then adding a .todo block in order to make top sections of files readable on iOS taskpaper apps. E.g.,

# To Do:
- task 1
- task 2

# Conventional paragraph

Ipsum etc.

I’ve also been toying with the idea of trying to modify one of Rob Trew’s scripts to select a .todo block and export it as a separate .taskpaper file. But I’m not sure how to then “re-import” it to the original FoldingText file in order to “sync” tasks.

What have others been doing? Using particular Editorial workflows? Other tips?

I’ve looked at (but am not currently using) the Editorial TaskPaper mode (mainly because the FT taxonomy suits me very well, and gives more flexibility for adjusting relationship between planning and working) but it would be fairly straightforward to write scripts/plugins at the Javascript and/or Python ends (OSX and/or iOS) to toggle between formats, mapping hash headers to nested projects, and lists and body to properly indented tasks and notes.