Markdown formatting issue with bullets

Hi there,

Since the update to 2.1, I’ve noticed some strange – or at least inconsistent – behaviour with Markdown formatting in bullets. I can give two examples. However, I’m also aware that neither of the following is necessarily erroneous behaviour, since both involve plugins and neither should necessarily be supported. So I’m raising it more to be sure, and to see what’s going on.

The first relates to the Custom Inline Markup 0.1.0 plugin. I’ve used this to make all italics appear bold as well as italic. While this still works elsewhere, in the case of bulleted lists, the italics do not appear in bold except in the final item on the list, and even then, only after two carriage returns.

The second example is of [[wiki]] formatted links (using the Wikilink 0.2.0 plugin) that appear within the inline code backticks. Once again, these are formatted in body text, but not in bullets – except as above.

Of course, these both relate to plugins – and might be the fault of the plugins – but I’m offering this behaviour up in case it is something strange.

Thanks in advance for any help!