Modal window with spinner bug?

Let me preface this by saying that I run OS X 10.10, so if this is a bug related to that, just ignore this post!

When I start FoldingText (latest version and dev version), I see the editor window and a white modal window with an activity indicator which refuses to go away. It doesn’t change in any way, just shows the spinner and can’t be moved in any way either. Since it’s a modal window, I also have to force quit FoldingText.

Here is how the window looks like:

Is that me being stupid and missing something or is it my OS or…?


Hi, is this an ongoing problem, or did it just happen once.

That screen is the Paddle licensing screen. And I saw that problem happen once, but haven’t been able to reproduce it. There is a bug in there somewhere, not sure if I’m using the Paddle licensing framework incorrectly, or if they have a bug. Anyway if this problem persists can you open the and send me any FOldingText log info that you see? Thanks!

It is working today, for some reason. It seemed like an ongoing problem (force killed the app a few times and restarted it to no avail).

I went to the Console and searched for “FoldingText”, but nothing showed up, so I’m afraid I can’t be of any help there either. I’ll update this with hopefully more info if the problem comes up again.

Never mind, I thought I had gone back in time enough in the Console, but apparently I didn’t… Here you go:
Hope it helps