Need notification when node path changes

@jessegrosjean In the extension points, I’d like to see one like onViewPathChange or similar.

Also, would it be useful to have another category specifically for discussion about the API? Whereas the Extensions category would be about requesting and and posting extensions, the API one could be more specific discussion of modules and methods.

Good idea, I’ve moved this topic to a new SDK category. Also agree some sort of path changed notification probably makes sense, but I need to think about it a bit more (away from my main coding computer at moment).

The SDK category seems to be private, we can’t see it :wink:

The page you requested doesn’t exist or is private.

@dohzya Looks like it’s called platform.

Sorry about all the category changes… I couldn’t really see what I was doing trying to plan them out on paper, so I just decided to live edit everything for the morning. I think I’m done now! SDK became > Platform became > dev.

I’ve added Extensions.addNodePathDidChange for the next release. I also documented Editor.nodePath to return an opaque object, but that has a toString method that will give you node path as string.