"New File" from Dock Problem

While back I asked for a “New File” menu entry for the dock icon;
Jesse implemented it super fast,

but now … using a Macbook, this menu has some strange kind of behavior.
When I click it, I then have to click the dock icon again to bring the new file in front/to display.

I’m not sure how to explain it, I have to tap the icon with two fingers, tap “New File”, tap the FT icon;

the expected behavior would just be: tap the icon with two fingers, tap “New File”

It’s really a minor problem … but it feels strange in every day use.
And on my stationary mac, using the mouse, this problem doesn’t exist… there its just: rightclick, new file … and it appears right away like it should …

Ah, sorry, please ignore my awful description up there.

The problem also exists on my bigger mac, and also while using the mouse.

It’s more like:

When there’s another application in front, the “new document” opens, but it doesn’t get focus, it stays in the background.
Other apps on my mac bring the new window in focus!