Non-native file extensions (.txt, .md) vs .ft

I’m brand new to FoldingText today (love at first sight, i must confess! :blush: ), and mainly wondering about this .ft file extension, what purpose it serves (vs .txt or .md), and if there might be any compromise involved in using one of those other two file extensions instead (besides the fact that my machine will not necessarily know to open .txt or .md in FoldingText, as it would if i used .ft).

Reason i ask is: my most typical use-case for this app (after all of 2 hours using it :-)) is to pick up notes that i create using nvALT (.txt files as a rule), refine & combine them. For this purpose, FT feels like the ideal tool for me (an outlining junkie from ages ago), and i am moreover loving the full RTE (Round-Trip Editing) experience, which seems perfectly seamless up to this point… But now i am wondering: if i spin off a new document out of FT (as i have done) into my nvALT directory of notes, and it appears in that app as a full citizen (as it does so far), then why should i not manage all my FT docs in exactly this way, and leave off using the .ft file extension entirely?

There would of course be the aforementioned tradeoff (i.e. having to deliberately make the right choice of weapon, whenever i open one of these .txt files from the Mac finder), but that seems a small price to pay for the utility. But: am i missing something, i wonder?

I personally just use .txt for everything – can’t think of any particular advantage to using the .ft alternative - (unless there are some files that you want to open by default in FT, and others by default in some other app like nvAlt - a plain text file is just as plain by any other extension.

If you do have any .ft files, you can of course add that extension to those recognized by nvAlt, and you can specify FT as your default external editor for nvAlt.