Numbers at the bottom mean?


  1. I was wondering what the numbers at the bottom represent?

  2. Also, the left number goes to “NaN Words” after some scripts are ran. Noticeably the batch remove tag script. I have to save and reopen to clear it out.

Just bought V2 and love it. Thanks for your work.


This numbers are word counts.

The one in the right bottom corner is FoldingText’s default word count. You can turn it off using the View > Word Count menu.

The one in the left bottom corner is provided by one of the example plugins (I think you must have installed all example plugins?). The implementation of the example plugin is different (shown how to filter out word counts in some line, such as quote lines). The NaN part must be a bug in that example plugin, do you have exact steps to reproduce that problem?


Any AppleScript injecting of JavaScript causes the left bottom count go to “N/A”. I tried several and they all caused that problem until that window is closed and re-opened.

Yea, I copied all of them in to see how they work. I love learning to add extensions to things. I posted about my Alfred workflow for Folding Text. I have another one for TaskPaper and doing my schedules. Check them out.