OS X custom keybindings do not work (~/Library/KeyBindings/DefaultKeyBindings.dict)

First of all, I’m new to FoldingText so I might be missing something.

OS X allow’s you to add custom text editing keyboard shortcuts via a configuration plist in ~/Library/KeyBindings/DefaultKeyBindings.dict (e.g., my setup, a more involved setup). FoldingText does not seem to respect these shortcuts.

How to test

  1. Make sure there isn’t a keybindings file in ~/Library/KeyBindings/DefaultKeyBindings.dict
  • In a FoldingText document, note how ⌥f properly inserts the ƒ character
  • Quit FoldingText
  • Place a minimal custom keybindings file in ~/Library/KeyBindings/DefaultKeyBindings.dict
  • Re-open FoldingText
  • In a FoldingText document, note how ⌥f doesn’t insert a character, nor does it execute the move forward-by-word command on a block of text (the expected behavior). The keystroke appears to be a no-op.

Thanks! I really enjoy using the app – it’s awesome!


Welcome, this is a known issue. Unfortunately FoldingText is implemented mostly outside the standard OS X text input system. The editor is implemented as a web view, and it’s not really possible to do that efficiently while also plugging into the native text input system. The end result is among other things those keybindings are ignored.

Instead if you want custom keybindings you can create a plugin like this:


Thank you for the rapid reply! Sorry about posting a duplicate issue, but I will look into your proposed solution.