Please consider including the results when copying .calc text


I am testdriving the new .calc feature - but copy text does not include the result - only the raw text with the results.

Please consider including the results when copying .calc text.


I don’t think I want to do this for default behavior since those results aren’t really part of the underlying document. That would mean if you copied and pasted a calc section into a new FoldingText document you wouldn’t get the same results…

Two solutions:

  1. Probably you’ve noticed, but you can pretty quickly copy the results that you need by just clicking on them.

  2. If you really need all the results copied together with the text that’s possible to add, but it would need to be a separate specialized command… and I’m not sure it would be very often used.

Maybe can you give me a little more on your use case?


My imath extension does just that:
Give it a try. You have to erase the answer to get it to recalculate.

@raguay @Gertsen Yes that should have been my first answer! Calc mode is inspired by Rays original math plugin. They are somewhat similar, but take a different approach when it comes to displaying results. Rays plugin is what you are looking for! :smile:

I agree that this should not be the default copy - but another COPY results OR COPY grey stuff :slight_smile:

I would really really love to be able to copy the grey text.

Typically usecase for me:

I would split an amount after dinner and show off your cool app.
OR CURRENT usecase make an offer really budget suggestion for my wife with 2 different solution (with out opening excel) and show case it to my wife (We have been together for 18 years and I can hear her have the same voice for this.

I acutally thought about doing our whole budget in FoldingText but I would not do that without this feature.


I feel realy stupid - I can not get your plugin to work. I have tried for 25 min. now.
I get as far as getting Foldingtext 2.1 DEV to install the math plugin, but it does not calc give me result (I am tried so I am not my best)

1 + 1 =>
234 + 234234 + 234234 =>
2 + 3 =>

But I really love that .calc changes the result in grey when I change the numbers and I understand that your plugin does not work like that or :slight_smile: I would use it for functions :slight_smile:

If the extension is not on a header line, the the subsequent lines have to be indented. Just like all other extensions.

Therefore, you can do:



^is an indent, but I can not get it to show here.