Plugins symlinked into the FoldingText plug-ins folder not working

I just symlinked a few plugins from an “outside” folder into the FoldingText plug-ins folder, with commands along the lines of:

$ cd ~/Library/Containers/com.foldingtext.FoldingText/Data/Library/Application Support/FoldingText/Plug-Ins/
$ ln -s ~/Dropbox/Dev/plugins_repo/*.ftplugin .

The symlinks are confirmed to have been correctly produced.

However, in the plugin manager I get the following error for every symlinked package:

Missing package.json file

A bug possibly?

Are those plugins from FoldingText 1.x? If so they need to be updated for FoldingText 2.0. Here’s all the 1.x plugins that I made in updated form:

I’m afraid not, they are FoldingText 2 scripts. In fact, the folder I am symlinking is the ./FoldingText 2 plugins and scripts folder from Rob Trew’s repository (

I think I know the problem. You are using the sandboxed version of FoldingText from the Mac App Store? If that’s the case I don’t think you can symlink outside of the sandbox. You’ll probably see some sort of “don’t have permission” error displayed in the console.

The solution is to use the non sandbox version which you down download from the website. If you’ve run the App Store version at least once then the download from the website should run in full mode and not ask you to register.

True, this turns out to be the issue indeed. I think I’ll stick with the Appstore version—and symlink from its sandbox out rather than the other way around—as it comes with iCloud support. Thanks!

Will in next release… at some point during development of 2.0 I accidentally switch iCloud off, and so current app store version doesn’t support it. But I expect to post a fix for that tomorrow.