Press Command+B to end Bold segment?

Another feature of MultiMarkdown Composer that I like a lot is hat you can, of course, press Command+B or +I to start a Bold or Italic segment of the text. This is the same in FoldingText. However, when I’m mid-sentence in FoldingText, and finish a Bold segment, when I press Command+B it just creates another set of asterisks at the cursor! This is awkward.

In MMDC, if you’re inside a Bold segment, and you press Command+B, it moves the cursor outside the formatting indicators, just to the right of the asterisks or underscores. This enables you to type like you would in a rich text editor, where you can both begin and end the formatting by pressing the same shortcut. This is much more fluid than, what, getting the end of my bold word and then having to press the arrow key a few times, or Command+Right Arrow to move to the end of the line? That seems really awkward to me! And seems to indicate a bias toward either typing the asterisks along the way (like in straight-up plain text Markdown, but which I find awkward), or adding formatting after typing the entire sentence, which doesn’t flow well for me.

Am I missing something about the way FoldingText works? If I’m right, is there any possibility of adding the described behavior?

Thanks again for your time! :smile: