Purchase button and license dialog persist

I bought FoldingText 2 this morning (through Paddle) and noted that every time I launch it, a dialog pops up with my license information and the “Purchase” button remains in the title bar. I haven’t been seeing the “nag” dialog any more, but I expect that the purchase button should go away and the license dialog would have no need to pop up on each launch.

For added context, I had been running unlicensed copies of FT2 dev builds. I’ve been a TaskPaper user from time-to-time for quite a while and had bounced back and forth between TaskPaper and FT2 recently.

p.s. Nice use of CodeMirror. I use CM every day on the project I work on.

Sorry about that and thanks for your order. I wasn’t able to test that purchase process until making the app available for purchase. There should be an update available (FoldingText > Check for Updates) that fixes the problem.

No problem! The update works perfectly. Thanks!

Ha, famous last words! But glad you like it :smile: