Putting Editorial for iOS links into Reminders for FoldingText items

With the FTMakeOrUpdateReminder script described here you can create a linked Reminders.app reminder for the selected FoldingText item, and place a link back to FoldingText in its note field.

(Download repository zip)

If you are keeping your FoldingText files on Dropbox, and making use of Editorial for iOS at the iOS end, it may also be worth experiment with placing editorial:// urls in Reminder notes, so that from a particular reminder in an iOS reminder client you can jump to the right text file and line in Editorial.

Reminders.app data syncs well between OS X and iOS, but Apple’s own iOS Reminders client doesn’t, I think, offer clickable links in notes. Fantastical and some other iOS Reminders clients do, however, make links live and clickable from their note fields. Check the tool you are working with.

How to create and use Editorial links

Creating the links from FoldingText

Near the top of the FTMakeOrUpdateReminder.scpt, you can edit:

property pblnEditorialLink : false


property pblnEditorialLink : true

If you do this, in addition to the links back to FoldingText, links to Editorial will also be placed in the Notes fields of the linked Reminders

Clicking the links to jump from Reminders to text files in iOS

At the iOS end, you need to have installed this Editorial workflow:


Once your Reminders data has synched to iOS, if you are using a Reminders client like Fantastical which does give clickable links in your Reminders notes, you should then be able to click a link and jump automatically to the related text file and position in Editorial.

Just an FYI on this integration. The property pEditorialWorkFlow is set to “getUUID” in the scripts included in the repository zip. However the Editorial workflow that uses this property is looking for “findUUID”. Discovered this when the links wouldn’t work on my iPad. Made the change from “getUUID” to “findUUID” in the script and all works great now.

Good catch – thanks – I’ll edit that tomorrow