Remember session state with two persistent documents

I must confess I have become a casual user of Folding Text I’ve been trying out the dev releases of Taskpaper. I do keep coming back though but seem to be having issues with document state. I wrote a long explanation which I don’t think captures what I’ve been experiencing in the last couple of months. I keep coming back to a new session with previously opened documents and finding that my second document has been ‘unhoisted’. But currently I can’t replicate this so apologies for the lack of further detail.

Do you sync via Dropbox? If the document is updated via sync, “unhoisting” happens…

That may be it. I’d like to keep the document focussed on a project or one of its sub-projects but it sometimes resets and I can’t really track down where it’s happening. Hoisting is a verb I don’t really understand cf. focussing so I can’t rule out ignorance.

I think there’s a bug in there also that might be causing the problem. I think in some cases FoldingText isn’t properly invalidating the metadata (folded items, etc) state. So if you only make changes to folding state, and don’t actually edit the document, the folding state isn’t saved. (I think).

It seems that if you do a manual save before quiting it will work though.

Thanks for helping me out, now I recall I just want the project and ensuing ‘hoisted’, when I come back it’s focussed on the sub project and when I ‘unhoist’ (verb?) I get reset to the top of the document. If it’d maintain position it would be less confusing. I’ll try saving before quitting now.