Saving new file from window title doesn't respect defaults

I’ve run into a very fiddly problem when trying to save a file by clicking on the document title at the top of the file window.

The default behavior I’ve setup:

  • I set the default file extension for FoldingText to be .txt by running a terminal command, as explained here.
  • When I do “File > Save…” or “⌘S”, I have the “If no extension is provided, use ‘.txt’” checkbox checked. I also have the “Hide extension” checkbox checked.

And my files get saved as expected when I go through “File > Save…” or “⌘S”. But if I try to save the file by clicking the “Untitled” filename at the top of the file window, the file is saved as a .ft file. It does this even when I type out the .txt extension. So “note.txt” gets saved as “note.txt.ft”.

Any insight on what’s going on here/how to fix it?

(I’m running FoldingText 2.2 on El Capitan.)