Script to support overdue and recurring tasks

Greetings of the season. I’m really happy to see all of the activity in the TP3 forum, but it does feel much more quiet on the FT side of things these days. Nonetheless, FT keeps me mostly happy, so I’m still tweaking around the edges to make it even more of a comfortable fit for my way of working.

Since I haven’t been able to figure out how to get conditional tag styles to work since the most recent FT updates, I’ve hacked something together that checks the dates of due tags and adds an “overdue” tag for anything that needs one. Ideally, that particular case in the script won’t see much use, but hey, I’m only human… *grins

Aside from overdue tasks, the script also looks out for any “tomorrow” tags and replaces them with “today”, and if a due date matches today, it’ll catch that too. And there’s a bit of support in here for recurring tasks that’ll only really make sense to me at the moment— one of the other scripts I’m working with handles recurring tasks and adds a “lastdone(date/time)” tag to each completed recurring task (simultaneously dumping a copy of the completed task in the archive). This script looks out for those “lastdone” tags; if the date value doesn’t match today, it adds an “overdue” tag to the task. It’s no replacement for Reminders or for hardcore variable time-spaced repetition, but if you’ve got a small handful of tasks you manage on with the same frequency of recurrence, this could be useful for you. Obviously, you can style “overdue” items as you wish in your user.less file.

Hope someone else finds this useful. As always, suggestions for tidying up or improving efficiency greatly received. [Insert standard “still learning” disclaimer here.]