Search for tags or status across documents

Is there currently the capability to enable searching for tags across multiple open documents?
It looks like Atom’s default search mode that allows you to search through the buffer instead of just one document isn’t available in FTA.

Specifically I’m thinking of the functionality in Sublime Text where (using Plaintasks) I could have open multiple .taskpaper files and hit Shift-CMD-F, search on a Tag, and get a new tab with the search results, organized under what file they came from.

Or, if not a action in FTA, would something like that be scriptable in Atom possibly? Searching the buffer for “data-status=“todo”” doesn’t seem to search through the html code of the .ftml files.

You can also use ⌘⇧F (Project Find) in Atom and search on a string like waiting for example.

( and ⌘\ for the Tree View of the Project is helpful too )

(note that the documents don’t have to be open to use Project Find)

I have also been experimenting with BaseX and eXist to do subtler tag-based querying (and generate formatted and linked (+ grouped and sorted) reports) from XQuery descriptions of views/perspectives.

I’ll share a plugin for this when my own approach has settled down. (Was using BaseX but I’m also looking at eXist now – it’s purpose-built for multi-document querying of HTML/XML documents and note files.


I totally missed the Project Find option. I think I read about it a few weeks ago but didn’t give it much thought since I haven’t really explored Atom itself much (if only they had a vbscript syntax package).

With a bit of thought to organizing projects in Atom, that’s probably more useful than the approach I was thinking of, at least for base functionality. Thanks for pointing that out. And I look forward to your plugin when it’s ready.

EDIT: Even better, I can have multiple projects in the Tree View showing and search across all of them at once.

@complexpoint Good tip, I didn’t realize that project find would work for this case either :smile:

At some point I need to integrate FoldingText with Atom’s normal find, but it will take some work. Currently Atom’s find feature is hard coded to Atom internals.