Sharing style tags

I would like to customize the styles more, but I don’t know which style tags/classes are available. The user.less file is pretty bare bones; has anyone that knows what their doing put together a user.less file with more classes so I could experiment? For example, underlining a level or heading, making different headings or levels different colors, making a block quote a different color. I’m a writer and don’t really mess with code, but I really like writing in plain text and I’d love to style the syntax more.


First things to look at might include:

In the FT Help menu:
Help > Software Development Kit > Documentation > Create Themes

and then:

Also, use the debugger to just view the generated HTML. The classes and ids are all visible there. That is my preferred way to find things. :smile:

Okay, great. Thanks for the resources.

just one question: how do I activate the plugin that is the basic theme?

Any plugin sitting in the plugin directory is activated. Therefore, if you place the basic theme plugin into the plugin folder it is automatically loaded.

Ok. I must have broken it somehow. I downloaded it again and it works fine.

Thanks again, and thanks @complexpoint.