Smart Pairs "" <> []

Hi there. I’m assessing whether I can switch from MultiMarkdown Composer to FoldingText. I really like FoldingText a lot! But there are, of course, a few habits / features I miss, and wonder if they’re worth considering for FT.

The first thing I’m missing is what MMDC calls “Smart Pairs.” This is common in programming-oriented editors, I think. When you type a [, it auto-adds the ], so that the cursor is within the [] bracket pair. When I reach the end of the line, I can either press the arrow key to move out, or I can type the ] key, and it “types over” the bracket, which is nice to have as an option.

It completes the following: ``""<>

These are both optional features in MMDC. Is it possible to enable this behavior with a plugin in FoldingText?

Thanks for your time, and for the great app! I’m hoping I can integrate it into my set of tools, but haven’t purchased yet until I figure out whether I’m going to be able to use it smoothly.

I’ll add this for next release.

Wow, fantastic! I appreciate your effort and consideration. :smile:

I’ve continued to really enjoy working in FoldingText over the last few days. This is a really great, well-thought-out application.