Stars in calc mode

I’m putting expressions in calc mode that have stars in them (for multiplication) and FoldingText is treating them like emphasis markers when displaying the formula. The calculation itself is great, but it’s pretty hard to read the expressions when pairs of stars are hidden and the enclosed text is italicized. I must be doing something wrong–Help?

Hi Doug,

Thanks for pointing that out. Stars should be fine as long as there’s a space around them. If not, FoldingText thinks you’re trying to write emphasis text. Here’s an example:

Instead of 4*44*3, please write 4 * 44 * 3. There doesn’t have to be a space before and after the star, so the following would also work: 4* 44* 3 and 4 *44 *3.


This works great; Thanks! As an aside though, do you think it would make sense to turn off markdown display formatting inside math expressions?