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Greetings - I finally bit the bullet and updated from macOS 10.x to 12.x - aaaand…CuteClips3 is dead. Oh yeah, that was the primary reason I’d decided not to update to 12.x…

I’ve gotten Tes installed, it recognizes my existing clipboards - all good. However, I’m not seeing options to identify a specific key to quickly select a given clipboard. With CuteClips, you had numbers - so I could hit my key combination, bring up the list of clipboards, and quickly hit a specific key to choose the one I want (ie, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.). With Tes, while I can favorite, and change the order of clipboards, I don’t see a way to assign a key to have it behave as CuteClips did, which is really slowing down my workflow. Is this simply not possible in Tes, and if not, any plans to add this function in the future? Am I missing a painfully obvious means of doing this? :slight_smile:



There are a couple of ways to assign a QuickClip number.

  1. When the clip is highlight you can press Option-[0-9]
  2. On the clip menu bar above the preview screen if you click the Favorite button, a popup will display the numbers 0-9 or make it a favorite.

To use the QuickClip press the bring up Tes and the press the number that was assigned. When Tes is display you can also use F1-F12 to past the clips 1-12.


Appreciate the quick response!

The Option- [0-9] did the trick, thanks!

I’m unable to figure out option #2 above otherwise, but the first option is quick/easy enough, so no worries there.



I create a short movie to help explain what I was talking about.

Hope this helps.


Ah, got it - thanks much - appreciate the assistance!

Ok, I’m a happy camper to have full function back! Purchased/registered!


I’m glad I could help.

Thank you for purchasing Tes.