Syml, a minimalist iPad text editor (beta)

My names Harry
Long time lurker, fist time posting here.

I’m in the process of releasing Syml, which is minimalist text editor specifically designed for the iPad. It’s a Pro app for writers. It rewards a little up front learning with powerful features expressed through elegant controls. If the idea of having a searchable list of small text documents is appealing then Syml could be for you.

I’m running a beta test over the next month, and aiming at a release mid-November. If you’d like to give it a try and have an iPad running iOS 9 you can sign up at I’ll be releasing the first build this Tuesday, and aim to be weekly after that. I’d really love your feedback.


Big thanks to those who have signed up. I have a good number of testers for now so I’m going to disable the sign up form. Thank you to Jesse for being so accommodating. All going well I’ll be releasing around mid November so not long to wait!

Syml is now released… Check out for a 30 second video which shows it in action and what makes it a bit special.
Thanks again to the beta testers