Syntax: Taskpaper vs FoldingText

Hey there,
I really like FoldingText, and i´d love to use it for task management, too. But I all the Editors on the iOS-Side (Editorial, Listacular) use Taskpaper´s Syntax, not Markdown, so i´m stuck with either Taskpaper 2 (no auto-save, which leads to dropbox-sync duplicates) or using and old Taskpaper 3 Beta (i´m hesitant to update/rewrite my scripts till there´s a current version).

Are there plans to push thirdparty-devs to adopt FoldingText´s Markdown format, or a new Taskpaper Beta on the horizon?


Editorial uses markdown, just select it in settings and change the extension, I use FT with Editorial on iOs but if I want some fancy colures tags, I take a copy of it and add .taskpaper extension, looks very nice and much more stable than the original TP for iOS.

Caveat, the iPad version is better than the iPhone though it is still usable.

The eventual goal is a new version of TaskPaper based on FoldingText. Still the plan, but it’s been delayed. Still expect to start those betas “soon”. But not this week at least.

I forget, is there a good FoldingText ⇄ TaskPaper converter in the wild ?

Perhaps File > Open TaskPaper and File > Save As TaskPaper for FT,

and mirror functions for TP ?

(and or shell scripts through which a workflow could pass in both directions ?)

(Incidentally the lack of plain text outlining on iOS has really limited and reduced my use of that platform - I find iOS OO is too bureaucratic, clumsy and widget-heavy (quite apart from its isolation, lack of automation, and file format) and Editorial, while admirable and genuinely useful, is really not an outliner at all, even with the help of automated workflows).