Tab navigation on Mojave

10.14.3 Beta, after gathering windows, Show Next Tab works from Window menu, but Ctrl Tab does not. Please duplicate. Back to High Sierra if shortcut function is lost.

Hum, that’s odd, I see the same behavior.

When you do Control-Tab is it toggling the sidebar? That’s why it’s doing for me, but I’m not sure why, maybe a new build in default. I’ll look into it.

Yes, and I might have identified a similar problem on similar production software – not yours. (You’re my hero, though.) If I may say, this the new OS where small changes are expected, so don’t spend a lot of time figuring it out until it goes out of beta.

I just went to debug/fix this now… and it turns out that it’s actually working for me.

When I did “Gather Windows” I had one window that was just showing an outline with no sidebar, and another window that was showing an outline and sidebar. Those windows were then gathered into two tabs of a single window.

Then when I did Control-Tab I got confused… since one of the original windows had the sidebar and the other one didn’t it meant that when I Control-Tabbed between them the sidebar would appear and then disappear…made me thing that Control-Tab was toggling the sidebar… I didn’t even notice that the entire outline content was also changing. Anyway, it’s working for me.

Maybe you were tricked in the same way? If you still think it’s broken please send a screencast showing the problem. Thanks!

I’m one (of the few) who cannot abide Mojave until little things get straightened out. Folding Text on 10.13.16 works just fine, and I’m more than happy with that. You have my abiding support.

Ahh… I had some confusion in my initial reading.

I was thinking that you were using TaskPaper (which doesn’t have that problem, but which I thought did when I first tested)… but you were talking about FoldingText.

And I see that FoldingText really does have that problem. I think you can probably work around the problem by assigning a different keyboard shortcut to the “Show Next Tab” menu item. Not ideal, but I think the best option I can offer right now.

Yep, you’re absolutely right. I just tried that and it works, of course. On another app – similar problem with Mojave – somebody claims Ctrl - F7 changes window focus – something more on the order of TaskPaper (which I don’t use) like you were describing, perhaps? While I’m not sold on Mojave yet, I can’t do without Folding Text, period. So I’m perfectly happy to stay on 10.13 until a better time.