Taskpaper betas?

Just wondering what happened to the Taskpaper betas - I can see them in Google search, but all of the results are 404.

I just changed the forum software we use and haven’t posted a new TaskPaper dev version yet in this new forum. If you want to try the last one you can access the last dev version in the old forums here.

TaskPaper dev versions slowed down of the last last 2 months as I’ve been giving the final push to get FoldingText 2 out. But they will startup again once it is out. Should be soon I hope, FoldingText 2 is submitted and waiting for review for the Mac App Store.

Where did the info go on theming the beta? I sat down to do it the day after everything changed. :frowning:

Thanks and looking forward to TP release! (Actually, I’ll be happy when search comes back)

The old forums are archived (for next year) here. So you can find all the old info there. With that said I’ll soon be starting to focus more on TaskPaper 3 and will be posting those betas in these forums. I’d recommend wanting for that next TaskPaper dev before digging into things to deeply. There have been a number of changes that are not yet incorporated into the last posted TaskPaper 3 dev version.

The current DEV version started giving expirations notifications. Can you release an updated version?


Sorry this is going to take longer then I had expected. I thought it would be a simple compile, but I’ve integrated the payment system and that would mean the beta would time out after 7 days, and then not let you run it. I think best to just keep using the current dev version (which shows expired notice), but keeps running once you’ve dismissed it.

I’ll going to be away for next week. Then try to get FoldingText 2.1 out… then I’ll really get to TaskPaper I hope. I should have realized ahead of time, but summer is turning out to be very busy.

Any update on ETA of taskpaper 3?
I wanted to start using tp, but don’t really want to buy the old version just to switch to (and purchase again) the new version. Or, would you recommend using FT instead? (I think I’ll mainly use it for project management )


Sorry no ETA, thought it would get done this summer, but then the reality of summer hit and I’ve had a lot more busy time then work time. School and regular schedule start in a few weeks.

Hi @jessegrosjean,

It’s been another month since this last post about a potential update to TaskPaper but if I’m not mistaking there haven’t been a new version in quite a while.

I do understand that your local build contains features that would make a beta build more complicated. But on the other hand there have been over 3 months since the last version.

thanks in advance for your comments and news,

:- alex )

Sorry for the delay on this.

At issue is a number of problems in the current FoldingText that are bothering me:

  • Non native text input (so bugs and inconsistencies, such as CJK input)
  • No way to support accessibility
  • And a host of other UI issues, non of which are solvable without some fairly large reworking of how I present the underlying Tree/Node structure in the UI.

Because of these things I’ve been spending most of the last two months investigating an alternative UI approach. Making progress, but still a ways to go. I’ll post more info here when I’m ready to share. If I do decide to use this alternative approach I’d rather just start TaskPaper 3 with it, instead of release a current FoldingText UI based version and turn around and release a new UI version right after.

So that’s why things are held up at the moment.


I’ve found the most recent beta to be 129

Responding here to and old topic. But you can now get TaskPaper 3 previews at http://www.taskpaper.com.