Text appears/disappears in a buggy way when scrolling

Unless of course this was intended. If so, I can only ask why?
I’m on Yosemite. No plugins, just trying out the trial.

Hello? Is this being ignored?

Sorry for late reply.

No not intended, but I think likely to remain for the time being. It’s a bug for sure, but not one that’s easy to address at the moment, and one that I think is only cosmetic.

I’m in the process of redoing the text drawing part of the app, and that work (among other things) should resolve this problem. But it will be some time before it’s finished.


I find Foldingtext very interesting and useful. I dowloaded the trial but immediately saw a terrible bug similar –and probably– related to the OP’s report.


I hope you will fix this bug soon!


I Have the same problem. (Yosemite) Regrettably it makes FT unusable… :frowning:

I’m trying out FT. No plugins as well…



Same problem here, even more nasty effect: lowest paragraph just sticks when scrolling.

I recorded a video to illustrate better.

Video of the bug

This exact issue happens to me as well all the time. I’m using it in the trial mode, and while it looks very interesting, I don’t think I can justify buying it with this major bug in place. Any update to when this is going to be fixed?

Thanks for the video @epicjoke

I was wondering, can you reproduce the same when you turn off ‘word count’?

@Or_Sharir I can’t say when exactly we can fix this, but I’ll definitely look into this.

@mutahhir_hayat, scrolling works perfectly with ‘word count’ turned off, although I discovered 2 different bugs.

  1. I never seen triangle in upper left corner until I switched to Fullscreen mode. Then I understood what was written in User’s Guide, and this triangle stayed there even when I switched back to window mode. (I’ll provide video if needed).
  2. I understand it’s a feature (and quite amazing one!) but in this exact case it is clearly a bug. (let me provide another video). Say I want to select multiple items and change their styling by pressing Cmd-B. Instead of adding bold or italic, it replaces every instance with first selection. This bug actually made me to discover this amazing feature (it is not listed in features or User’s Guide), but such smart and powerful text app should understand when I want to edit and when I simply want to emphasize some parts.

I’m testing the trial mode too, but I’m definitely buying the app. It is simply piece of art! I can’t even describe how cool it is. It is like childhood dream of cyberpunk computers come true!

Ohh @mutahhir_hayat! I wonder if the solves everyone else scrolling problems… word count – a great question!

@jessegrosjean, please let me thank you personally for creating this app.
Every minute I use it is a minute of pure joy. This is the best app in decade!

Sorry to disappoint, but I get this behaviour too, even with wordcount turned off :confused:

Might be able to help with testing though.

Do you use trial or full version?

I just bought the app in mac appstore and it has no bugs at all. Nor the word count bug, nor the triangle. So it’s the problem with trial installer, I think. It renders text with multiple errors.

The only thing that I would call bug is that I can’t cmd+B multiple selections. It treats them as multiple edits. But this was intended from the start and it’s not really a bug, it’s more a feature request for me.


We just released a new dev version which looks like it solves the scrolling issue. Have you guys tried it out yet?