Text Replacements not working

I am using v2.0.2 and noticed that despite what is written in the user guide text replacements like ‘omw’ to ‘On my way!’ are not working. I know that I have text replacements on my Mac working, because it just replaced the omw for me. But, I have no luck in Folding Text, is this the proper channel to report a bug?

I also mentioned this over on http://support.foldingtext.com/t/wrong-behavior-with-text-expansion-does-not-delete-all-characters/141 but that article seems to be more related to a conflict of replacements with markdown.


Yes, this is the right place to post…

They seem to be working for me. Maybe the problem is that in FoldingText you need to type “Tab” to complete the replacement, while on OS X TextEdit you can use “Space” or “Tab”. Try “Tab” after “omw”… does that work?

Ok, using tab works, I assumed that since you are piggybacking the OSX mechanism that space would work as well. Thanks.

PS. Consider this an implied feature request to support space :wink:

Will be in next release.