Too many licenses?


I tried to install Folding Text on my MacBook Pro with Yosemite, and it tells me that my licence was used too often.

In fact, I installed it on my iMac a year or so earlier, but I was told, that it does not work properly with Mountain Lion, which runs on my iMac.

This cannot be true, so please contact me.


Please send me your order number (or email used when ordering) and I can increase the activations allowed.


Very kind. Problem is: I have no email, since it is more than 1 year ago, and I am not at home where my older backups live. License was ordered via Paddle without registering there.

I can send you the mail address used for licensing and the license number. Where can I send these without letting everybody know?

You can message me privately… just click on my avatar picture and then click the blue “Message” button.

Great, thanks!

But – where is the blue button?

Sorry I guess you can’t message me privately that way. I know there must be some way, because I sometimes get private messages… ehh. Anyway better to just email me I guess. I’m

Thanks for your help, now everything is OK.