View option to Hide Tags

There are situations where I’d like to see the text without seeing all the tags. It would be great if there is a View option to Hide Tags.

This would work similar to the Hide Syntax option.

Here’s a situation where this sort of thing is useful:

Suppose you’ve folded up your text according to a filter of specific tag values. Now, the text looks the way you’d like and you want to share this trimmed down look of the outline without all the clunky tags. The tags mean something to you, as the writer, but not necessarily to the audience with whom you might share the document. If I could Hide Tags, then I’d just print and share.

Here’s another usage: suppose I have a task list prepared. I apply my filter to just get my short Today Tasks List. I now want to just print this without all the Tags hanging to every line.

A plugin do this is probably possible, but I think generating new text (instead of trying to autohide parts of existing text) is a more strait forward approach in this case. I’ve posted a script that will show you how to do that in your other thread here.