Welcome to the new home of FoldingText

Who am I

Hello, my name is David Croy, I own a small software development company and I have been a FoldingText user since 2013. I purchased FoldingText in November, 2021 and I use it everyday. I have another macOS app named Tes

FoldingText 3

The new version of FoldingText will be a paid upgrade. I will have a beta in a couple week or so. I will announce the beta on the Support Forums


  • FoldingText 3.0 will have the full FoldingText 2.0 feature set.
  • iPad/iPhone version is planned.
  • Updated Plugin/Theme support, makeing it easier to find and install themes and plugins.
  • Widgets

Please let me know if you any questions.

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Awesome to see the way forward for FoldingText!

Sounds promising. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is there a rough timeline (especially for the i(Pad)OS version)?

Wow - excited to see this taking off. Can’t wait to get the new version!

Currently I’m working on getting the new version to have the capabilities of version 2. Some of the work is simultaneous. The current plan is to have an iPad version in the first Quarter of next year.

Happy to see someone at work. Use Folding Text every day.

I am thrilled! Looking forward to see what you have coming

Do you need beta testers? I’m happy to volunteer.

I hope you become the new FT guru!!! I will definitely support.