What is the current status of FTA?

I was wondering what the current status is of the new project.

This is still a good overview of the big picture:


And a bit more specifically right now I’m working on the next version of TaskPaper which I’m building off the FoldingText for Atom core. I’ve been posting some in progress screenshots to my twitter account.

And a bit more specifically I’ve in a reworking phase (thus no screenshots last few weeks). Changing the javascript data model side a bit so that it’s easier to read into the native side NSTextView a bit quicker.

I hope that gives some idea, let me know if you’ve got specific questions.

Cool. Is this reworked javascript data model going to be used by birch/FTA? If so, does this mean that once the rework for taskpaper is done you’ll also have a rerelease of birch/fta in NSTextView?

Yes, that’s the idea. At the moment birch/FTA is on hold as I work on the next TaskPaper. But once that’s out then I’ll get back into figuring out what birch/FTA will be and how it will work.