What parts of Multi-markdown syntax does FoldingText support?

First of all FoldingText is a plain-text editor, it can open any plain text file (of reasonable size) no matter what the formatting.

So by “support” I don’t mean opening and editing (it can do that with any plain text file) I mean that FoldingText will recognize the given syntax and highlight it to make it easier to read. Also note that FoldingText doesn’t have any special export of multi-markdown to other formats. For that you’d need to use Multimarkdown Composer, though you could of course still use FoldingText to edit the file.

So with that definition of “supports”, what parts of Multi-markdown syntax does FoldingText support and what parts does it not support?

Syntax highlighting supported:

  • definition lists

Syntax highlighting partially supported:

  • footnotes
  • image attributes
  • citations and bibliography (works best in LaTeX using BibTeX)

Syntax highlighting unsupported:

  • tables
  • math support
  • table and image captions
  • document metadata (e.g. title, author, etc.)

In the release notes for FoldingText 2.0 I said supports “large parts of MultiMarkdown”. I’m not sure how I started thinking that way, but it’s not true. “Some” parts is more correct.