What's New

Latest Updates For Tes

This is a critical update from 1.0.3 - 2021-07-11


  • A major issue with pasting clips. After serveral clips were pasted successfully clips would not paste until a restart (Thanks Joseph Mina)


  • Tes Community/Support forum. Right click on the Tes icon in the toolbar and select Community Forum

1.0.3 - 2021-07-04


  • Updated the onboarding screens to ask to import the CuteClips database


  • Resolved an issue where importing the CuteClips Database could cause a crash


  • The trial message is displayed in the tool bar instead of above the Clip toolbar
  • When a clip is copied from another device a globe icon is displayed for the app icon
  • Hover the mouse over the app icon to display the application name of the where the clip was copied
  • Search Mode

How to use Search mode

  1. Click the Search icon (Magnifying Glass) above the clips or press ⌘-F (Cmd-F) to toggle search, start typing to search No need to focus on the search field
  2. Click the Star above the clips or press ⌘-T (Cmd-T) to show only the Favorite/QuickClips
  3. To Paste a QuickClip when in search mode press ⌃+[Number]. Any single character command in non search mode press ⌃ (Ctrl) then the Key