Whole document unfold?

I haven’t yet managed to fully unfold an outline from the keyboard, and I wonder whether I am looking for the wrong command (or trying to use keystrokes in the wrong mode ) or whether perhaps anything might just be masking some of the relevant keystrokes on my system.

Should any / all of these be working yet ? (arrowed below)

Few bugs going on here…

First it seems that the key combo Shift-Command-. won’t work in Atom. Instead I need to specify it as: Command->. Once I make that change then toggle-fully-fold-items does work… I’ve just fixed that for the next release.

What that command does is for each selected item it either expands or collapses (depending on state of selected item) that item and all descendants. This isn’t quite what your are asking for, but you could get what you are asking for by:

  1. Select All
  2. Toggle Fully Fold Items

The other fold commands are not yet implemented. I’m now tracking that issue here:


Thanks !

{~not~>now~} ?


Thanks… I’ve fixed the above typo