Why is text clipped when printing?

When printing text can get clipped at the bottom of the page like this:

It’s a bug that I haven’t been able to fix. FoldingText implements printing using WebKit, the entire DOM for the page is constructed, and then I ask WebKit to print it. Unfortunately something (I expect some style, but I don’t know which) is messing up WebKit’s pagination and so this bug happens. I’ve tried printing the same document in Chrome and it prints fine.

In the meantime… for final output FoldingText isn’t the right tool anyway, something like Marked is what you need. That will get rid of all the syntax characters and make a final document out if it. For in progress hard copies FoldingText’s printing does seem to print all content… just sometimes split over pages. It’s ugly and a pain, but generally good enough to be functional for drafts I hope.

This really needs fixing. Using marked loses all the checkboxes that are in FT and changes the style.

I print many documents and this is the one things that stops me using most markdown editors as they simply cannot do this basic task. Without the ability to properly edit FT on iPad or Android, printing really is important.