Word Count does not work

Yosemite & latest FoldingText: Word Count shows 0 words or a number that is lower than the real word number on screen. Further: the string “0 words” is partly outside the window. If I resize the window, the string jumps to the lower right corner and shows a number greater than zero. My wish would be not only to fix this behavior but to add a character counter, too.

I am seeing the same thing. I only get a word count of “1” at most.


Thank you for reporting this. Can you create a video to explain or list down some steps I could use to reproduce this on my end?

Also, I’m collecting all the bugs being reported here. Do you think you can create an entry there? That makes it easier for me to track and fix these bugs.

  • Mutahhir

Thanks but it seems to be working now. Maybe it was an install issue. It seems to have started working properly once I rebooted my machine.

I have similar issue, but in my case only cyrillic words are not counted. Latin words are counted correctly. So in Russian texts I have 0 words and in English texts everything works perfectly.


I’ll have a look, but I think we just use basic rules for doing word counts. Can you give me a bit more data about this, like which words aren’t counted, document examples, screenshots, etc?