Accidentally bought your basically dead app

I accidentally purchased FoldingText from the Mac App Store yesterday; despite having my account set to confirm all purchases, it did not confirm this purchase. Because the app was ineligible for a refund (really?) I decided to make the best of it… after all, the reason I had searched for the app in the Mac App Store was because I was interested in it. I decided to check out the features, and of course, the forum. Where after spending all night reading, I have basically discovered that I wasted my money on a dead app that while endlessly extensible, will not be endlessly extended because the developer has lost interest. Being Canadian, your little app cost me $34.99 which, although I am waiting to hear back from Apple because I genuinely feel I am due a refund if the security features in place specifically to prevent accidental purchases failed, right now I have no way of recouping.

I’m not sure what the story is on refunds. The Mac App store makes all of that opaque to me. Your purchase is between you and Apple. Though my understanding was they do often provide refunds if you ask.

As far as FoldingText updates… yes it’s been a long road with no updates and many different decisions on the future. But the most recent status is that Mutahhir has taken over the app and has submitted FoldingText 2.1 to the App Store. Once that goes though the review process you’ll have a new release.


If you still want to go through with it, the simplest way to get a refund is If I remember it correctly you can even check the box where it says “accidently purchased”.

If it is sent to App Store, why can’t we get it that did not buy it through the App Store? I have the 2.1 Dev release and it is complaining that it is expired. The download on the site is still 2.0.1.