Alfred Workflow creates with scripts for Folding Text V2


If you use Alfred, you might like this workflow. I compiled scripts from here, fixed them to work on my system and with Alfred. You can get the workflow here:

If you think of other things to add to it, just let me know.



I just updated the Alfred Workflow for FoldingText. It now has bookmarking, favorites list, and much more. Bookmarking is now my favorate feature!! Remember to install the handler with ft:addurihandler. Just download it from the link above or my GitHub page at:

Thanks to Robin Trew for supplying the handler and the AppleScript for generating bookmarks.

Can these awesome workflows for Alfred be ported to Launchbar 6?

Thanks for your hard work!


I just recently got a copy of LaunchBar 6 (I use all three now: Alfred, QuickSilver, and LaunchBar). So, I am still learning the ropes with it. That will be my first pick to port over.


Thanks very much!

Waiting for your good news!

First pass at porting the Alfred workflow to LaunchBar 6 is now available. Please try it out and let me know what works and what doesn’t work. I haven’t written the explanation yet, but that will be soon. You can look for more such stuff on my web site:

The GitHub repository is here: