AutoSave Option

I use a special file as my task list very much and alter of cause all the time little thing, often I close and open it, so I have to hit cmd-s all the time.

There is this fancy AutoSave option for OS X since Maverics IIRC. Would it be possible to implement it and let me forget about saving?

I know it is not an onedit="save()" feature, but goes a little deeper.


FoldingText already supports this I think? It should work just like OS X TextEdit. Even if you quit without saving if you reopen FoldingText your edited document should be there in edited state.

My bad! You are right. I am so much used to Sublime Text where the indicator of edited vs. manually saved state is very subtle, so “- edited” in the window title worried, that I always did hit cmd-s out of fear to loose data.

So lesson learned and even more happy with FoldingText now :slight_smile:

Thanks for your rapid responses about this all the other topics I had, btw. Very helpful!