B781 Data loss


I’m getting a weird bug in b781. Sometimes, the document will become unresponsive in a certain way. I can still type, but when I try to click a heading (to fold it) nothing happens. When I look at the file in finder, I see that it is now 0 kb. Even if I select “save”, the file remains empty in the finder (although I can see all the text in the FoldingText window. If I quit FoldingText, the data in the file is lost (and I must restore from Dropbox). What can I do to help track this down?

Hi @mutahhir . Any feedback on this?

Hey @derekvan,

Sorry I missed this. Is there some way to reproduce this error reliably? Some steps I can take or any patterns you’ve noticed before this happens?


Not that I’ve been able to find. I’ve just gone back to the file I first experienced this on and it’s not happening anymore. But I’ve not been using FT since the issue because of this problem. I’ll try it out over the next few days and see if anything happens. Just curious if there were any other reports, but doesn’t seem like it.