Bullet Journal?

Has anyone successfully used FT as a bullet journal? What would be the best way to manage this? I have seen people mention linking to notes from others notes but I did not quite understand the process.

I am referring to this http://bulletjournal.com/

The linking notes to other notes requires programs from Rob Trew’s GitHub: https://github.com/RobTrew/tree-tools and https://github.com/RobTrew/txtquery-tools

I have the packaged into my FoldingText Workflow for Alfred. One in particular is adding a note to the inbox "ft:inbox " and adding to a selected tag "ft:notetag ". After hitting enter “ft:notetag” will show all the tags in the topmost FoldingText document. You select one and the note will be added to it. Very handly for rapid note taking.

The bullet journal system is designed around the limits of paper. You have to manually keep your month spread and today list current by “migrating” (rewriting), whereas a software system will do so dynamically. If you exclude all extraneous components, a bullet journal is basically just a “today list” and a calendar, which you can easily reproduce using the built in reminders and calendar. To apply the system using FT would be borderline insane. The system itself isn’t clever; it’s meant for people who want a simple, analogue system that the can be merged into a notebook alongside all their other lists, notes, doodles, etc…