Can FoldingText organize notes?

Using FoldingText as a note-taking app, what kind of inter-note organizational features does FoldingText have? Can I organize notes into folders or tag them, etc?

Thanks a lot!

The normal way to organize “notes” in FoldingText would be to make a paragraph for each note. To add tags to your notes type in the tag like @tag1 @tag2, etc. FoldingText doesn’t have folders, instead you organize by creating an “outline” structure using headings or indentation. Here’s an example:

# Heading 1

note 1 @tag1
note 2
note 3

# Heading 2

note 4 @tag1
note 5 @tag2
note 6

I’ve used nvalt, Together and VoodooPad as ways to collect many notes as coherent projects (like a wiki) - and managed to make FoldingText the default editor one way or the other.

The issues is always inter-document links. For example nvAlt has it’s own link format and VoodooPad infers them from the content. FoldingText can’t know about this. I think this is probably a shortcoming of the markdown format itself which doesn’t (AFAIK) have specific support for local file links.

VoodooPad is currently my least worst choice - great in every way except the bizarro file naming scheme it imposes.

The script provided by complexpoint to copy a line from a FoldingText document allows seamless movement from one FT document to another if desired

From the Mac and Windows background of always keeping ‘stuff’ in folders which are nested all over a hard disk, the move to smart folders is something I still find tricky to cope with, despite Apple promoting it so I welcome the ability to use document hyperlinking!