Can't change font in FoldingText

Is there a way to change the font used in FoldingText for Atom? It seems to use the default font for the Atom and ignore settings. Can you add the option in FoldingText settings to change the font (I don’t like use Monospace font for my outline)?

What OS are you using? Would you mind attaching a screenshot of the font that you see. The default FoldingText for Atom font should be Open Sans, which isn’t monospace. With that said…

To change the default font you can:

  1. Atom > Open Your Stylesheet
  2. And add the following CSS
ft-outline-editor {
  font-family: Helvetica;

“Open Sans” has some properties that make it work particularly well I think. I’m not sure how to explain it in fontspeak, but the character line hight seems bigger then most other fonts that I’ve seen. And as a result the text cursor is drawing taller and to make that makes FoldingText for Atom look a lot nicer. But of course experiment and let me know if you find any other good combinations.


I use OS X and… Indeed the font is different than the Atom default. My bad! I’d like to change it for Fira Sans (which I discover today), and check how it will be look like.

Anyway – thanks for the quick response!

Yeah, you’re right. Open Sans looks much better…

ASAIK the FT font is Open Sans, correct?
Were could I download it?


The default FoldingText font is: TheSansMonoOffice

wow! expensive!
therefore if I want to have the same FT font in Marked (because of well known printing problems) I have to buy them?

Yeah, unfortunately I think so.

Thanks; any other idea to a nice print solution?

There are lots of amazing free fonts that look good on the screen and on paper. First, check the free fonts that ia writer made available. They have an article about the design of the font and other interesting facts about the free fonts they make available to everyone.

Also, check this little article that has some samples included.

And last but not least, these are some of the fonts that I use. All of them open source.

With fonts, I always struggle not because of the scarcity of good looking free fonts, but the abundance of amazing ones. (Google has tons of fonts, and design recommendations too!)

thanks a lot
AFAIK i save the file form FT and reopen it in iAwriter to print it?

Just change the font as mentioned above. I honestly haven’t used Folding Text in forever since TaskPaper is where I do most of my work.

even for long texts?

I use Markdown for almost everything else and I keep trying new programs to create and modify those. For very long documents, I tend to chop everything into smaller files and directories/subdirectories and then create my bigger documents. Some years ago I went down the MultiMarkdown rabbit hole and made a bunch of templates and I use those to create and store PDF files. I then use Devonthink to search/categorize those files (more on that later.)

Now I am using a combination of Devonthink, Ulysses, and Quiver for documents that use code (less and less of Quiver and more of Devonthink) for my documents needs. Devonthink has added several markdown options throughout the years and they are getting better at this. I never moved my Ulysses app into the subscription model, but I find that the old app was almost perfect for my needs. At the moment I don’t want to think about what will happen once I can no longer use the version of Ulysses I do and I need to look at an alternative.

so you dont sync Ulysses?

The old version was document based too and easy to be sync’d without any problems (Been using it like that for many years!) I used Dropbox but since I have a Synology NAS, I use Synology’s version of Dropbox to keep everything synced.

therefore you do sync between different Mac, but not with Mac and iPad/iPhone… correct?