Clipboard items not being captured

When I transferred to a new Mac via time machine backups, I lost the ability to use Tes. I entered the activation code and the app seems to function perfectly well, except when I look at my Tes clipboard, there’s nothing there.

  • I get a notification from tes every time I copy and paste

Any ideas why it wouldn’t be working?

I see an empty paste board:

And I’m licenced:

You can turn off the notifications when something is copied or pasted in settings.

It looks like your database is corrupted. If you still have the other Mac, export the clips from Tes and import them on the new mac. Click the "Delete before restore” checkbox.

That is a lot of clips you have at the bottom of the screen. :slight_smile:

Thanks Croy.

I do not have the other Mac.

How can I create a fresh database? I see the option to backup or restore, but not rebuild.

@croy if there is a way to wipe my system of previous Tes support files, that might be best as I cannot seem to get Tes to work with my current set up.

I tried other copy/paste utilities but none are as good as Tes! So I’m quite motivated to resolve this.

I’m glad you enjoy Tes.
Create a directory that contains a directory “clips” ~/TesFix/clips (mkdir -p ~/TesFix/clips)
Open settings and import the ~/TesFix directory. Click the delete clips before import toggle.

This should reset your database.
David Croy