Clipped topfold icon?

I have FT on two computers: home and work. At home I think everything works fine. On my work laptop, not sure what happened, but under FT 2.1 the topfold icon (triangle in upper left) did not show at all, although it was there / worked (i.e., I could click it). I just upgraded to 2.2, and now the topfold icon is shown, but clipped (see image below). I probably messed something up somewhere; can someone suggest where to look to fix this?

04 AM


It seems like you’re using a custom theme, which is causing the visual artifacts. In one of the recent versions of FoldingText, we changed the top fold icons shape and it appears your theme is conflicting with that.

I’d recommend either using the default theme or modifying the theme to not make assumptions about the top fold icon.

  • Mutahhir