Cross Platform Outlining (esp. iOS)

As much as I like FoldingText I need something that I can work with on iOS as easily as on OS X, with seamless sync as well. While FT files can be opened as plain text files in various iOS markdown editors, I have not yet found any really designed to work like an outliner. Are there any?

For now I have given up on FT for this reason and am using Workflowy. Workflowy is nice, but the iOS app is really just a mobile web interface and is not as nice as the desktop version. I really need something that works as well (if not better) on iOS as it does on the desktop which has the simplicity and elegance of either FT or Workflowy… so far I have not been able to find anything that really fits my needs. (Although Workflowy’s mobile web interface has been improving.)

I don’t foresee any quick solution coming from me. My immediate focus is launching/patching FoldingText 2.0 issues. Then I’ll be working toward TaskPaper 3.0 for Mac and WriteRoom 4.0 for Mac.

I’ve moved to taskmator on iOS. Encourage that developer I say.

woah new editorially 1.1 looks good now… with taskpaper support

There is a big difference between Taskpaper and FoldingText. While there are now some decent options for those who want mobile support for Taskpaper, there is still nothing that works as an good markdown-based outliner on iOS which can easily sync with FoldingText.

This is true. That said, Editorial does generate a list of headers and allows for navigation between them (drop down from file title). And I’m hoping that Ole will add some kind of folding in a future update. If that happens, I’m presuming it would be available for all modes, not just Taskpaper files. Having got comfortable with FoldingText, I miss mixing it up with Markdown in my task lists when I’m working with Editorial…

I just got the FoldingText email and loved the idea, but I have moved to using an iPad for 90% of my work. I hope there is enough interest in an iOS version of the app.

The idea seems a natural for iOS, as there is really nothing to compare to this apps quick formatting and features.

Indeed. Because FoldingText is meant to be part of a broader workflow, the possibility to move back and forth between OS X and iOS would likely be key to many potential users. Markdown is a natural fit for iOS and many editors provide decent Markdown-focused enhancements. But none of these apps support outlining.
TaskPaper 3.0 could fill a gap, but it’s not the same as the one FoldingText fills.

A couple of tangential thoughts:

  • I’m also using Workflowy (like Kerim), but primarily for anything I need to collaborate with other people on. Would be nice if it were even easier to get text into/out of Workflowy with this in mind (it’s relatively easy now, but copying/pasting doesn’t respect indents, either way). Of course, that comes with the added overhead of a bifurcated system, but again— I see Workflowy primarily as a task management system, while FT has so much more to offer.

  • Although I’d also register a desire to see outlining/folding in an iOS app that supports a broad range of FoldingText’s key features, that doesn’t take away from the fact that I really appreciate the fact that FoldingText exists in the first place!

I use iThoughts (the mind mapping app) on my IOS devices as a translator between my FT documents (saved as .md not the FT native format) and OPML which can then be opened in OmniOutliner or something like CarbonFin Outliner (which as a great alternative if you’re looking for a cheaper IOS outling alternative).

FT documents saved in .md format function in exactly the same manner as native FT docs, the only disadvantage is that FT specific modes such as timer and todo won’t function with documents saved as .md

However if you mainly use FT as an outliner that takes advantage of Markdown formatting, this is a really fluid solution. The really great thing is that iThoughts also creates faultless translations when transitioning from OPML back to Markdown.

FoldingText on OS X partnered by iThoughts, Editorial and OmniOutliner on IOS makes for an incredibly powerful productivity combination (with everything remaining in perfect sync via Dropbox).

It’s worth saying too that iThoughts is a superb mind mapping app in it’s own right but if you only ever use it for format translations it’s still incredible value for money.

Just noticed that Rob Trew has updated his OPML import/export scripts for FT 2. Haven’t tried them yet myself but they were solid and reliable on FT 1 so are most definitely worth a gander.

How do you install these in FT?

Quick response. Looks like the folder contains Applescripts, in which case:

I see. I tried that and the OPML import script seems to have an error that prevents it from compiling.

Hi there - If there is anyone still reading this thread here’s my take: I really need the folding feature - and strangely enough FoldingText is the only app (as far as I know) that supports folding - IA Writer is just beginning to see the light on this - but only for Windows as of now.

So I’m happily composing on FoldingText and simply importing in IA Writer for iOS whenever I need it! That works flawlessly for me.

For the record, I would also really love to see foldingtext on iOS as well!