Editorial app updates to 1.2 (for mobile TaskPaper users)

See: http://www.macdrifter.com/2015/06/editorial-12-update-improved-task-management-and-document-creation.html

Among other things: Editorial now has folding, tag styling (highlight colours). Nice update for TaskPaper users.

What’s also good about that build of Editorial is that, just like FoldingText 3, it’s becoming more format-agnostic.

Moving beyond the old model of a format-defined ‘Markdown editor’, it has three modes:


  • Markdown mode
  • TaskPaper mode
  • Fountain mode

Apps are now moving into deeper structure and function. The file format which people choose to work in (on particular tasks) is becoming an entirely secondary issue.

You could already do this previously by changing the file extension and Editorial would display it accordingly (but of course, being able to do it by pushing a button is nicer) – after all, thankfully, it’s still just plain text.

Tag styling is old, but Critic Markup is new. Didn’t think I was going to see it in Editorial. Would like to see a unified markdown/taskpaper mode, which is the way I use FT, so I’ve gotten used to starting headers with a # and ending them with a : so they render in both FT and Editorial (or other taskpaper apps).

But it’s a really nice update : )

Would love to see Editorial as a desktop app.